CloudIn Rules

Hello, and welcome players and community members of CloudIn to the Rules. Here you will learn basic rules and regulations of CloudIn's ingame and forums communities. If you have any suggestions or ideas for rules, or future rules to come, please PM Keiron with what you think we can change, add, edit, or delete to make the CloudIn Rules more fair, friendly, and understandable to its abiders. If the rules should be updated, a thread will be made in the News & Announcements section of the forums to notify everyone. That's why it is encouraged that all players have a forum account and check the forums regularly.

Please be advised that Staff members do not have to warn you and are allowed to punish for rules not specifically mentioned in this thread. If a Moderator+ tells you to do something, you should listen. Please note that if you believe a Staff member is abusing that you have every right to report them.

Using loopholes to evade rules is highly forbidden and punishments will occur if needed.

Staff/Contributor Expectations and Rules

Here at CloudIn all staff members and Contributors are required to hold a mature, positive attitude towards the game and community members. They are to help when asked, respond when needed, and set an example to new players in the community. Staff Members are helpers and enforcers, meaning they might not always have the time to help you, and usually only if your issue is something Contributors or others can't assist with. Contributors are Server and Forums helpers, they can, and will answer any basic, intermediate, or hard question you can throw at them. They are to be experienced, and knowledgeable in the game.

CloudIn Server Rules

Flaming and harassment is defined as either the continual or solitary abuse of a person, this can include, but is not limited to, the use of offensive, racist, sexist, or ageist words against another member of the community or used in general stereotypes targeting a specific race, religion, or sexuality. If somebody asks you to stop, you should stop. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

These programs are highly frowned upon in the CloudIn community. Not only will you be punished severely but you could lose items and/or the levels of your skills by taking part in such activity. Please note that autotypers are allowed, but only if there is at least eight seconds between each message.

People may not share accounts with other users unless they are buying a service from someone who has "Trusted" rank ingame.

Since CloudIn is a private server, we fully understand that there will be bugs. We ask you not to exploit these bugs, but rather report them instead. Bug abuse and glitch exploitation will be dealt with severely as we do not tolerate when players gain an unfair advantage. Report all bugs here:

Here at CloudIn we try and give everyone a fair chance at being a Contributor or Staff member. When you ask to be a Donator, Extreme Donator, Moderator, Administrator, Co-Owner, Coder, Developer, Owner, or anything else you can imagine, you greatly reduce your chances of getting that position, and if you continue to ask you could risk being muted or worse. The impersonation of anything that you are not is a SEVERE punishment. From faking being a donator to being the owner or anything that falls in between the lines can and will result in an IP Ban or MAC Ban depending on the severity.

This includes but is not limited to the continued abuse of the ticket, voting, and donating systems. Please note these systems are here to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and that by abusing them you are not only jeopardizing yourself, but also the server.

Whether it's for another RSPS or even a website that is not affiliated with CloudIn, (besides major websites such as google, yahoo, msn, espn, etc.), will be dealt with immediately and without mercy. We don't advertise on your property, so don't advertise on ours.

The above are severe rules in this community, by breaking these rules you will be punished harshly and you WILL be caught. We have access to everything; trade logs, drop logs, or any other type of log you can imagine and you will not get away with it. Not only is it pathetic to do so, but it is detrimental to the community. If you are hacked and have proof of being hacked, your items will usually not be returned although under some circumstances they might be. For more information, fill out an Account Recovery:

The only transactions allowed are to the server by Paypal or by donating RSGP to an Administrator. Trading items or accounts from another server for CloudIn items or accounts or vice versa is not allowed along with paying for accounts or items with any type of monetary supplement including RSGP. Please note we allow you to buy donator, super donator, and VIP statues from other players but only if you are purchasing it with CloudIn gp or items. Scamming may occur by doing so and we recommend you use a middleman.

There is no gambling whatsoever in Cloudin. Any and all staking should only be done inside the Duel Arena. Being caught staking outside of the duel arena, both participants in the stake will be dealt with accordingly.

(Organized) malicious conduct may lead to severe account action. The malicious conduct can vary from denial of service attacks, group/mass spamming, registering an account with intent to cause trouble, and malicious software. This also includes providing software to engage in such acts. Threatening to ddos or any other type of threat that could potentially produce negative effects on the CloudIn community as a whole or even on an individual player will be dealt with accordingly

You are not allowed encourage or aggravate others to break rules. This includes taunting, ridiculing & provoking. The punishment for this will vary on the severity of its outcome.

CloudIn Yell Rules
Along with the rules above the following are especially not allowed over yell. Having the yell command is a privilege, don't ruin it for everyone else.
  • -Selling/Buying (Causes too much spam)
  • -Flaming
  • -Scamming
  • -Luring/Even outside of yell.
  • -Excessive Arguing (take it to PMS)
  • -Accusations
  • -Spamming
  • -Trolling
  • -You're allowed to advertise whatever friend chat you want as long as it's not inappropriate and you're ranked at least star+
  • -Taking about sex, drugs, or other suggestive and inappropriate topics
  • -You can only advertise a Friends chat once per 5 Minutes.
  • -Any talk of ddosing will result in a warning after that then a mute.

Failing to abide by these rules may result in termination of your account.

  • Amused
  • Angry
  • Annoyed
  • Awesome
  • Bemued
  • Cocky
  • Cool
  • Crazy
  • Crying
  • Depressed
  • Down
  • Drunk
  • Embarrased
  • Friendly
  • Geeky
  • Godly
  • Grumpy
  • Happy
  • Hateful
  • Hungry
  • Innocent
  • Meh!
  • Piratey
  • Poorly
  • Sad
  • Shy
  • Sneaky
  • Tired
  • WTF
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      Cloudin Best Rsps Out There

      Hey I just made a vid showcasing cloudin check it out!!! like comment subscribe

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      Ravy Unregistered / Not Logged In
    Great intention, but the video... not very entertaining to watch :p Maybe because I already knew what you showed in the video perhaps..

    I love your motivation and effort to make the video... but it's meh..

    I know it's not a promo vid with epic effects and stuff :p

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    King Chief

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    Video was too long, was kind of boring too. But nice try

    R.I.P Maddie's drawing that she drew for me 2k13-2k14 :'(

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    Ibroe Unregistered / Not Logged In
  • The video is great, maybe you should cut it down though and show the main features of it

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    Damo Unregistered / Not Logged In
  • Very nice video but it was too long, try cutting out the boring bits.

    Anyways good luck in the competition.

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    I Love Dima
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    Got bored after intro.

    Good luck anyways.

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    Im not entering the competition i just made a vid i have much better work. this was a quick one

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    I Love Dima
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    Well you should enter. Not much entries after all.

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    Video wasn't entertaining, but good intentions. Nice work.

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    Hammy Unregistered / Not Logged In
  • As everyone is saying, good intentions. :D

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